Yorba Linda Placenta Encapsulation Specialist

A Service You Trust Because Every Detail Is The Most Important.

The most thorough and safe protocols are guaranteed.

  • Upon reservation, you will receive detailed instructions on how your placenta should be cared for before I arrive, according to your birth location's preferences.
  • You are given details about encapsulation options and you choose from either steam-start or raw-start dehydration.
  • A secure electronic contract is provided.
  • Secure electronic payments & plans.
  • Full service includes preparation for your birth day, being on-call for your birth, pick up, preparation and delivery with complete privacy & discretion.
  • You or your partner text during labor and call after birth.
  • The placenta pick up usually happens within a few hours of your birth, at your birth location.
  • Proper temperature and food-safety guidelines are strictly adhered to during the critical transportation, storage and preparation stages.
  • Your placenta is prepared in a completely private lab, dedicated solely for single placenta preparation, ensuring the safest process for you and your family.
  • The workspace is cleaned and disinfected above OSHA standards before and after each preparation.
  • In addition to the 4-8 hours of hands-on processing time, for your safety, a placenta requires monitoring every 2 hours during the 12-24 hours of dehydration time, to ensure temperatures remain at appropriate levels until the process is complete.  
  • Single-use supplies are used when ever possible.
  • All reusable equipment is cleaned and disinfected above OSHA standards.
  • Reusable equipment is sourced for the highest quality and is inspected upon every use for any possible deterioration.
  • Cutting boards are never re-used.
  • Cleaning sponges are never re-used.
  • Gloves never contain Latex or Powder.
  • Your placenta and capsules will never come in contact with any unsafe surface or not food-grade material in my possession, including chux pads (disposable under-pads), which are not safe to ingest and unfortunately widely used to lay the placenta directly on.
  • Your placenta does not come in contact with my reusable steamer or dehydrator.
  • If steamed, your placenta is placed on single-use, unbleached parchment paper, lining the steamer basket.
  • For dehydration, your placenta is placed on single-use, unbleached parchment paper, lining the trays.
  • For encapsulations, we safely dehydrate at 160 degrees.
  • For tinctures, we safely preserve your placenta in a pharmaceutical grade, organic alcohol.
  • For frozen smoothie drops, special care is taken to be sure the temperature remains safe.  A small piece is quickly blended, liquefied & frozen into individual molds.
  • Photographic documentation of your placenta preparation and my exact operating procedures are available upon request, for complete transparency
  • Delivery of your beautiful finished package is between 24-48 hours of the pick up to ensure your healing begins as soon as possible.
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Training and Certifications:

  • Certified by The Association of Placenta Preparation Arts, the most extensive & trusted placenta training agency
  • Internationally recognized Certificate in OSHA Blood Borne Pathogens, a safety & technique course created specifically for Placenta Preparation Providers
  • California Servsafe Food Handler’s Certification, the most trusted food safety course

Only the best for you and your baby!

  • We source the highest quality materials.
  • We only use Certified Organic, Vegan, Kosher, gluten-free capsules.
  • We only use Pharmaceutical grade, Certified Organic Cane Alcohol, 190 Proof, gluten-free, for making quality tinctures.
  • High quality, light resistant Amber Glass, protects your capsules and tincture.
  • For long-term keeping & safe handling, a steel tin with a clear viewing lid protects your umbilical cord keepsake.
  • For safe keeping in a freezer, a steel tin protects your Frozen Smoothie Drops.
  • Frozen smoothie drops are each wrapped in unbleached parchment paper and food safe foil wrappers.
  • Food safe, fda approved, gift boxes protect your glass jars and tins for delivery and safe keeping.
  • Detailed Placenta Getting Started Manual is provided.
  • Free consultations provided by phone, text and email.
  • Secure & easy online reservation process.
  • Once your space is reserved, your placenta specialist is on-call for your birth 24 hours a day.
  • Your package will be discreet and will arrive as a beautiful boutique gift.
  • Membership in a private community for additional support, resources & guides.
  • Perks begin immediately with our Lifetime Referral Club.
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Why take placenta?

Taking placenta & placenta encapsulation services have not been evaluated by the FDA. Happily After Birth makes no medical treatment claims. Placenta encapsulation services are not clinical, pharmaceutical, or intended to diagnose, treat or cure any condition. Families who choose these services take full responsibility for their own health & placenta use. Placenta encapsulation services are not a substitute for medical care from a licensed care provider.

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