24/7 On-Call Placenta Service Reservation


Please click “Add to cart” and then complete your Reservation Details before checking out.

Your quote and contract will arrive by email where you can confirm your placenta preparation selections, including an invoice and payment options for the remaining balance, due before pick up of your placenta from your birthplace.

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Your space is reserved on Happily After Birth’s calendar for preparation for your Birth Day.
Easy & secure online reservation, quote, contract, and payment system.
On-Call for your birth 24 hours a day. All local hospitals require your placenta leave within 2 hours of your birth.
Your Placenta Travel Kit is mailed to your home before your birth. Your kit will have everything necessary for safe care in any situation, including what you need for the hospital.
Specific instructions for how and when to contact Happily After Birth to pick up your placenta.

*$100 is a non-refundable retainer.
If your placenta cannot be processed, any amount paid beyond this retainer would be refunded.
In this case, we would provide you with a list of carefully selected alternative & natural remedies, so that you may still feel supported in ways similar to the benefits your placenta can provide.
Final payment is due before placenta is picked up from your birthplace. Card and cash are accepted for that payment.